10 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Can Improve Your Overall Well-Being

These days, it seems like everywhere you look, wellness tips are being thrown around. These can range from skincare suggestions to diets influencers swear are their Holy Grail.

Some of these products might be useful for some people, but when it comes to making lifestyle changes, it’s important to look inward and ask yourself what you actually need. In most cases, the answer is likely going to be simpler and easier to achieve than changing your entire diet, wardrobe, or morning routine. A lot of the time, it’s as simple as adding a useful product or routine into your day that adds just enough for you to feel more uplifted, confident, and healthy during your day.

As with anything related to our well-being, it comes down to context. Whatever might be going on in your life is going to impact what lifestyle changes are appropriate and useful to improve your well-being.

Are you seeking to improve in-home care for a loved one or working to support better bodily function? Maybe you’re looking for personal protective gear to protect you during your day at work. Whatever the case may be, these ten suggestions will help you get started to change your lifestyle for the better and support more self-care in your daily routine. Keep reading to learn more!

1. In-Home Care With Transfer Master

As many millennials start to enter their 30s and 40s, some are facing one of the most challenging aspects of getting older: taking care of their aging parents and family members. This can be a difficult process, and it’s often hard to know your best options.

Many people may not have the resources to care for their aging family members at home, necessitating relocation to care facilities. For individuals that do have the ability to care for their family members at home, there are some great options for making them more comfortable.

An in home hospital bed from Transfer Master is a useful solution for anyone welcoming an elderly family member to their home who requires intensive care. This can give them a more comfortable option than standard beds, which can be difficult to get in and out from. This is the perfect item for in-home elderly care.

2. Understanding Your Ritual Supplements

One of the first places we look when we’re trying to improve our lifestyle is vitamins, minerals, and products in the supplement industry. It’s important when seeking supplements like vitamins, collagen, and probiotics that you have all the information you can find on their effectiveness, how they work, and when to stop taking them.

You can inform yourself of the signs probiotics are working with Ritual. Their helpful guide will take you through everything you need to know about probiotics, how they work, and the signs that they work as intended. Sometimes the effects of probiotics and other supplements can be subtle, so get informed before starting a new wellness routine!

3. Reliable Makeup Products From Jones Road Beauty

The makeup industry is one of the biggest in the world. Many of the products you’ll find in stores and online vary in quality. Some may fall apart or not play nice with water, and it can take a little trial and error to find the right one for you.

The quality of your makeup matters; it’s going on our most important organ, after all, so don’t skimp on your products! The eyeliner pencil by Jones Road Beauty is a luxurious place to start for those looking for a reliable and high-quality eyeliner pencil.

High-quality makeup products don’t have to break the bank, but it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for with almost any kind of product. Paying drastically less than a typical product may not elicit the results you want. Make sure that you work within your budget, but always aim for the highest quality you can afford.

4. Go on a Dr. Kellyann Juice Cleanse

The juice cleanse has become a popular method of shedding the body’s built-up toxins, and many who have done them report feeling much more healthy and put together after the process is over. Think of a cleanse as a reset for your body. You’ll still be giving it nutrients but supporting your body to flush out all the toxic chemicals that can build up in our system after a while.

Among the best regimens for a juice cleanse is the 5 day cleanse by Dr. Kellyann. This will come with detailed instructions along with everything you’ll need for your five-day process. There are a variety of options for cleanses depending on what your goals are, so check out their website today to help you decide which one to choose!

5. Enjoy Sips By’s Tea Gift Sets

Sometimes improving our well-being doesn’t mean making major changes to our diet or habits. Sometimes it can simply be getting yourself some new and lovely ways to enjoy an activity you already take part in. For anyone who drinks tea or coffee, you know how fun it can be to add new teas, equipment, and accessories to your collection.

Tea gift sets from Sips By offer a collection of teas you can choose from to try new things out! There are both caffeinated and decaffeinated options, and there are even detox teas you can try to help your body cleanse toxins and have a clearer mind for your afternoon tea.

This can help you feel better about taking care of yourself while also giving you something exciting to look forward to receiving in the mail. Check out their tea gift sets today!

6. Protect Yourself With Eyewear From Stoggles

For some of us, our well-being may be more connected to how we treat ourselves during our time off. For others, it may be necessary to think about how we can physically protect our bodies at our place of work.

Construction workers, doctors, nurses, mechanics, and landscapers all work in situations where debris and germs can easily enter our systems through our eyes, nose, and mouth. Protective face gear is exactly what these employees need to stay safe while on the job.

Stoggles’ prescription safety glasses are favored among medical professionals and other service-based jobs for their sleek look and durability. With Stoggles, you don’t need to sacrifice style for protection. Plus, you can get them with your current prescription, so you don’t have to double up on contacts or an additional pair of glasses for your work day.

7. The IV Doc Makes IV Therapy Accessible

Occasionally, we may find ourselves recovering in the morning from a night of celebration. Hangovers are rough, and there are few solutions to the uncomfortable symptoms other than time, food, and hydrating liquids. However, there is one method of therapy that can do wonders for a hangover, but it can be hard to come by … until now.

IV therapy by The IV Doc is a state-of-the-art IV treatment for hangovers, energy boosts, immunity, and much more. One of the most wonderful features of this service is its convenience. You can order this therapy to your home, hotel room, or office for a quick and simple treatment for your most annoying symptoms or simply a wellness boost.

Try a new kind of at home therapy and explore the options they have!

8. Improve Your Smoothies Using BUBS MCT Powder

Smoothies are one of the best kinds of nutritious snacks you can make for yourself. Many use smoothies as an easy way to deliver highly concentrated nutrients and superfoods to improve their workout routines, wellness, and overall well-being.

But what are people putting in their smoothies to add that extra bit of energy and focus? For some, the answer might be MCT powder by BUBS.

MCT oil and powders are derived from coconuts and are said to help improve gut health, increase energy, and support a reduction in body fat. This supplement is a great addition to your morning smoothies for a little extra something that will help you move through your day feeling stronger and healthier than you did the day before.

9. Keep Track of Your Wellness With Fitbit

There are just about a thousand things we can do to potentially improve our wellness. From supplements to superfoods, the options are pretty much endless. But it doesn’t do too much good to consume a ton of nutrient-rich foods and exercise without knowing what our body is going through.

Of course, we can track much of that by observing how we feel, but documenting and keeping track of our body’s response is an important part of improving our wellness. The reality is that we may not know our resting heart rate, for example. A smartwatch by Fitbit can help you keep track of your body’s response to exercise sessions.

Smartwatches aren’t just fancy accessories, they can help us not only keep track of our wellness but help us stay accountable so we keep up with our health habits like exercise and eating well. You can use your smartwatch to whatever degree you’d like depending on what you want to improve, including tracking miles, heart rate, diet, and much more.

Look into this product if you want to support a more accountable experience improving your lifestyle and overall wellness.

10. Add a Little Vitruvi Ambience to Your Space

The space we occupy plays a big role in how we feel, which can directly impact our sense of well-being. Keeping your space clean, comfortable, and smelling great are extremely valuable qualities to bestow upon a home, and it’s important that we make the effort to do so. Adding ambiance can have plenty of meanings.

Lighting, fixtures, decorations, and plenty of amenities are all important aspects of home ambiance. Still, the air we breathe at home is also important to the overall feel of a space.

A stone diffuser from Vitruvi is one way you can fill the air with comforting, calming scents that will make your space feel that much more comfortable and homey. Diffusers usually vaporize essential oils that are said to support a number of calming effects.

Lavender and chamomile are said to aid with stress management and calm the nervous system, which can help settle you down at the end of a long day. Consider this for more calming energy in your home!


Changing our lifestyle with the goal of improving our overall well-being can be a daunting task. No one solution or product will fix everyone’s problems, but there are simple ways you can start to engage with your lifestyle and take steps toward a more balanced set of habits and routines. Of course, it all comes down to specific context to your life and what you need as opposed to what someone else needs.

With that being said, there are a few categories to check on in our lives before embarking on changing our lifestyles. These categories include but aren’t limited to diet, exercise routine, at-home amenities, personal protection, and the comfort of your home space.

Usually, there are at least one or two categories that most people feel they could improve on. Whichever those are for you, those are the areas to put the most focus and priority on when looking to make major changes.

It’s also important to understand that well-being is a large umbrella concept that includes a lot of different things. We aren’t just talking about physical health, although that’s important, it can also refer to our mental well-being. It’s important to take care of both our bodies and minds when we think about what steps to take toward a more balanced lifestyle. If we aren’t taking care of our minds, our bodies are less likely to respond to efforts made toward better physical health. At the same time, if we aren’t taking care of our bodies, this can drastically affect our mental state.

Make sure to take a balanced approach, and use this guide as inspiration for taking steps toward a healthier, happier, and stronger version of yourself in the future.

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