Best Herpes Dating Sites For People Living With HSV in 2022

“Herpes is a horrible monster and no one will ever date me again.” Is this what you thought when you found out you had been infected with herpes? But, it’s not what you or everyone else thinks. There are over 100 million people with herpes or other STDs within the United States. Everyone in the world has health problems, herpes is just one of them and it is not a stumbling block to our normal lives, especially when it comes to dating. Many people with herpes (HSV1 or HSV2) prefer to find their love and companionship on websites that offer dating services for herpes singles or other STD singles. To meet someone who has herpes like you and to be happy, the most important thing is to find the right herpes dating site.

We have compiled a list of the 5 Best herpes dating sites for HSV dating:

  • Best Herpes & STD Dating website overall –
  • Best Dedicated HSV Dating community –
  • HSV Dating platform for Middle Aged People –
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  • Most Affordable HSV Dating –

1.  PositiveSinglesBest Herpes  & STD Dating Website Overall

PositiveSingles tops the list of dating sites for herpes dating for us. It’s one of the most recognized and old websites for HSV singles, with more than 2 million people active worldwide. PositiveSingles has been around since 2001 and has built trust over the years. And since it’s paid and charges $29.99 every month, you are expected to meet genuine people ready to pay for it. The real people in the company closely monitor neither less, everyone’s profile to make sure all the profiles are genuine and are providing accurate data. This increases your chances of meeting the right partner who understands your condition and supports it.

The functionality and interface of the website are pretty simple. You just have to signup with your profile, and you can start matching right away. The website allows you to chat with other members with herpes and take your conversation ahead. There are also multiple filters to choose from, so you can brief down your preferences and make it easier to find the right people. It’s worth mentioning that the app allows you to take your conversation to further next level by privately sharing your profile with the people you want at your command. Then you can meet them in real life if you feel the connection and see if they are the right people for you. Apart from the website, they also have an interactive app to get a notification on your phone and do not have to be online all the time checking your messages. It’s the perfect package to make your herpes dating experience perfect.

Overall, PositiveSingles is more like a search engine for people with STDs. But it does not only focuses on the disease. It also tries to match you with the people who are most compatible with you based on your interest, personality, star sign, and many more to improve your herpes dating experience.

As a member, you can book yourself one-on-one dating consultation with professionals. It also has its own community built around HSV, where you can talk to people with the same condition. You can understand the experiences of others and how they are managing their condition. You can talk about your feelings, your herpes dating, and what you are going through just to find yourself in the right place where almost everyone understands you and your psychological condition. This site further allows you to know about the local STD clinics. You can further read the treatment stories and how others are coping with their condition and situation.

If you are looking for a complete package to find the right people and the right partner, PositiveSingles is the best option available out there. Its success is indeed most recognized with the experience of 21 years of matching the right people for STDs and herpes dating.

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2.  MPWHBest Dedicated HSV Dating Community

Meet People with Herpes (MPWH) is a dedicated and famous herpes dating website. This site is only for people infected with herpes or HSV-1 and HSV-2. MPWH has the largest user base of people with herpes since it only allows registration for those looking for dating with herpes. People infected with any other kind of STDs are rejected on the website. MPWH focus on a high level of privacy for its members. Therefore, you don’t need to mention your second name or even give your address in that matter.

MPWH is a famous site for herpes dating. It’s for people with herpes looking for long-term relationships rather than hookups. And you can expect to meet nice and real people since they make it mandatory for every user to verify them. This keeps the platform free of fake profiles and saves you a ton of effort and time. MPWH also offers videos and private photo albums to maintain privacy. Registering on MPWH is very easy. You just need to fill in a few simple details like your sex, what you are seeking, your desired age, your city, country, and pin code, and the type of herpes you have.

While MPWH is only for people looking for herpes dating, it’s not all about herpes. It has 25 other fields where you can describe your personality, interests, and more.

MPWH also claims to have the best community for people with herpes who are ready to help and understand each other. People on the website are welcoming and are dedicated to helping and making people confident about a disease they have no control over. As a result, MPWH is one of the finest websites for herpes dating and has the edge over its competitors.

3. HSVSingles – HSV Dating Platform For Middle Aged People

Another website for herpes dating that deserves to be on our list is This website is very well known and famous for people with herpes who are willing to date in their 30’s. HSVSingles has an image of a coupon in their 30’s, which matches their target audience. It’s well known among people looking for a serious relationship rather than casual things. This website has a huge database of singles between the age of 25 to 40, making it one of the best herpes dating sites for middle-aged singles. However, members of this site are mostly located in metropolitan areas of The United States and Canada. So if you are located in some other place or outskirt of these countries, this website might not be a perfect fit for you.

Singing up on HSVSignles is one of the easiest tasks. You just need to answer 4 quick questions, and you’ll be all done. These include simple questions like what are you looking for, your age, and your email id. Once registered for free, you can easily look at other people’s profile pictures and more. You can also go for the paid version, enabling you to send messages to your preferred people directly.

HSVSingles is a perfect place to start your herpes dating experience for anyone aged 25-40. It’s easy, quick, and, more importantly, matches you to your preferred people who can relate to and understand your herpes conditions.

4. MeetPositives – Friendliest HSV Dating Site

MeetPositivies came to life in 2014. Its focus is on making the life of people with herpes easier by providing a sense of security and confidence at the initial stage. Unlike most other sites, it matches people who want to find love and get involved in a long-term relationship. It has a great algorithm that matches different parameters to match you with the right partner and removes the need to disclose your STDs. This is a perfect place to start your herpes dating life easier.

MeetPositivies also has ample free resources, and a knowledge base that helps new people with herpes understand the condition better and deal with it confidently. Their community is also powerful in terms of support which you can openly talk about it. You can also share your feelings and offer your help to others. This allows you to communicate with society and keep your confidence high.

5. Hwerks – Most Affordable HSV Dating is one of the most affordable options for people willing to date herpes. It allows you to quickly signup and start matching with your potential partner. They favour matching people for friendship and long-term relationships rather than casual nights. Due to their special pricing, they have managed to get a huge userbase within The United States. So if you are especially in some major cities of the US, Hwerks can be a jackpot for you.

You can simply signup to in merely a minute and start using their impressive services. Moreover, unlike any other dating website out there, Hwerks offers you a one-time payment solution. Hence, you never have to worry again about paying the hefty monthly fees. If you want to be tight on budget and yet still have results, Hwerks is there to take your herpes dating to next level.

Hwerks aims at matching people, especially those with herpes. So you will not end up having to scroll down a list of STDs to signup. This also makes it easier to find a partner with a similar condition rather than focusing on their STD. This makes your dating experiences easy, quick, and flawless.

Dating with herpes can be hectic when considering using a normal online dating service. You don’t want to face the awkwardness of sharing your herpes with others who might just judge you and make you uncomfortable. It’s better to be with someone who understands you and cares about you. Therefore, we highly recommend using any of these 5 websites for a completely positive dating experience. These will allow you to find a perfect partner and someone who understands your condition. And moreover, eliminates the necessity to disclose and discuss your STD or herpes unless you are comfortable.

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