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CBD has been regarded as one of the memorable herbal medications of the 21st century. Although word of CBD being successfully extracted from cannabis had been out since the 1940s, it has only been a couple of years since the miracle drug has been made legal in several countries. The Farm Act of 2018, was another achievement that went into deepening the marks. Of all the CBD health benefits that you can hope to achieve from its use, one that catches the attention of many is the strong anti-inflammatory abilities of CBD. Let us have a look.


Inflammation is the first step that the body takes on its road to reduce the extent of damage or intrusion, to eventually recover. It is a biological response that the body has, and the effect is more for some and less for others. Inflammation can be characterized on the basis of duration as:

Acute Inflammation: The type of inflammation that doesn’t occur over a long period of time and is over within a week or two.

Chronic Inflammation: This is the type of inflammation that occurs repeatedly and usually happens as a response to other systemic ailments such as autoimmune diseases, arthritis and so on. When inflammation occurs repeatedly, it has the risk of hurting and damaging tissues.

The signs that show you are undergoing inflammation:

  • Pain Sensitivity: To lessen the chances of further damage, inflammation releases chemicals to nerve endings to make the area even more sensitive to touch.
  • Redness: The area turns red due to increased blood supply; this is also to increase the supply of white blood cells to the area.
  • Swelling And Reduced Mobility: it causes a build-up of fluids that further aggravate swelling and reduces mobility.

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CBD And Inflammation

The therapeutic active ingredient present in marijuana and hemp plant is noted for its strong anti-inflammatory properties. For those suffering from autoimmune diseases, the inflammation is seen as a dangerous proposition; continuous swelling can lead to damage of nerve and muscle tissue.

CBD work by binding with the CO-X2 receptor-the receptor that is responsible for directing inflammation response. CBD use also ensures that the user has better pain management and the relief one gets from it is significant. CBD is truly a holistic and natural approach to controlling inflammation and pain, without the use of pain killers and NSAIDs . CBD is a much safer alternative than most of what you can get out there.

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