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There’s still a ton of speculation surrounding delta-8 THC’s effects. Although there are a few preliminary trials and surveys examining delta-8’s effects, most of what we “know” about delta-8 THC comes from anecdotal reports. For instance, some people who use delta-8 products report weird side effects like involuntary shaking.

Interestingly, these uncontrollable tremors are related to a common condition many marijuana smokers are familiar with: “the weed shakes.” Since delta-8 and delta-9 THC interact with the brain’s CB1 receptors, it’s not super surprising that some people who take delta-8 might experience “weed shakes.”

Wait A Second, What Are The “Weed Shakes?”

Like the munchies or dry mouth, “weed shakes” are a common side effect that some cannabis users have reported after using high-THC strains. As the name suggests, this symptom causes people to experience involuntary muscle spasms shortly after ingesting a THC product. Since people experience the “weed shakes” with edibles and smokable products, most researchers believe the delta-9 THC molecule has something to do with triggering this phenomenon.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the precise cause of THC-induced tremors. Even more confusingly, many MMJ patients regularly use delta-9 THC to reduce involuntary spasms for conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

One of the major theories regarding the “weed shakes” is that it’s due to THC’s effect on body temperature. There’s growing evidence that THC can lower our body temperature, which may induce shivering. People who smoke cannabis in a cold room may have a greater risk of “weed shakes.”

However, there are other theories that THC’s effect on blood sugar levels may induce a fit of the “shakes.” Some theorize that people prone to paranoia are more likely to experience these tremors.

Most cases of the “weed shakes” tend to resolve on their own within 30 – 60 minutes. However, if delta-8 users feel severe symptoms, they should call 911 immediately.

So, Can Delta-8 THC Cause “Weed Shakes?”

While delta-9 THC “shakes” are well-documented, there’s no scientific study examining whether delta-8 triggers tremors. However, there are many delta-8 users who’ve commented that their edible, vape cart, or hemp flower provoked a temporary fit of shaking. Also, considering delta-8 interacts with the endocannabinoid system just like delta-9, it could induce a case of “the shakes.”

Even though many people say delta-8 THC isn’t as psychoactive as delta-9 THC, it is psychoactive. Studies also suggest delta-8 lands on CB1 receptors like delta-9 THC. Therefore, people shouldn’t be surprised if they notice shaking symptoms after taking a delta-8 product.

What Can People Do If They’ve Got The “Delta-8 Shakes?”

As mentioned above, the “delta-8 shakes” tend to resolve on their own after about one hour. Generally, if you’re smoking or vaping delta-8, the shakes should end sooner than a delta-8 edible. Remember that delta-8 gummiestake longer to impact your ECS, so the effects tend to last longer.

Although THC-induced tremors are usually just a passing symptom, they can be terrifying for new users. Even if you know about this phenomenon, it can feel uncomfortable once the “shakes” start.

Most delta-8 users recommend keeping blankets nearby to increase your body temperature should you notice the “weed shakes.” You should also ensure your environment is super relaxed before trying delta-8 THC, especially if it’s your first time. Relaxing music or a comforting TV show can keep you chill while you wait for the “shakes” to slow down.

Please avoid mixing delta-8 THC with stimulating items like coffee or energy drinks. The extra caffeine will increase the severity and likelihood of cannabis tremors.

Lastly, customers should only take the smallest amount of delta-8 THC on their first try. There’s no telling how delta-8 will affect you, but it’s more likely it will have a negative effect if you take too much. People prone to paranoia or with a low THC tolerance should be cautious when dosing delta-8.

Subpar Delta-8 Will Always Make You Shake!

Although delta-8 seems to induce “weed shakes,” please remember there could be secondary causes for this issue. Unfortunately, many delta-8 products on today’s market have nasty additives or toxic compounds like mercury and lead. The only way to ensure you get a clean delta-8 THC product is to request verified third-party lab results. These tests should have “N/A” by all pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents.

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