A few years ago, Disney landed in the US hemp industry’s “hot seat.” When the 69-year-old Hester Burkhalter visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom in 2019, security guards discovered CBD oil in her purse. Although Burkhalter explained she had a doctor’s recommendation for this supplement, authorities arrested Burkhalter and put her in a prison cell for 12 hours.

This eye-catching story signaled there are still places in the US where CBD isn’t tolerated. Just because the 2018 US Farm Bill passed doesn’t mean CBD customers should assume hemp products will be “OK” everywhere they travel.

What’s The Legal Status Of CBD In Theme Parks?

To understand how Disney could arrest a Burkhalter for having doctor-approved CBD, you must recognize that theme parks are private businesses. The 2018 US Farm Bill is a suggestion for private companies like Disney. While some theme parks allow people to bring in hemp-derived CBD products, most still ban cannabis-related items.

Popular attractions like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando still don’t allow products like CBD oil. However, not all parks follow this restrictive policy. For instance, Seaworld doesn’t appear to have an issue with hemp CBD tinctures.

Since every private resort or theme park will have unique hemp policies, visitors should figure out their destination’s CBD stance before packing their luggage. Just because a state is tolerant of hemp or marijuana doesn’t mean every hotel, attraction, or restaurant will permit CBD on its premises.

Does The TSA Check For CBD Extracts?

Since we’re talking about taking CBD to travel destinations, it’s worth mentioning the legality of bringing CBD on airplanes. Yet again, there may be some discrepancy between the CBD policies in your target destination and the 2018 US Farm Bill. There may also be cases where private airlines may not allow hemp-derived products.

However, since DC allows people to buy CBD oils with ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC, the TSA shouldn’t take issue with this supplement. Remember that the TSA requires all passengers to place liquid products inside a resealable quart-sized bag. If you’re bringing your CBD oil in a carry-on item, it must measure less than 100 ml.

Also, anyone traveling with vaporizers must double-check their device’s specs before packing it into a bag. According to the TSA’s website, vaporizers with a lithium-ion battery should have below 100 Watt-hours, and products with lithium metal batteries can’t have a lithium content of over two grams.

There aren’t any specific regulations surrounding CBD gummies, but please remember that some states have harsher policies surrounding CBD edibles versus CBD oils, tinctures, or topicals. Again, you must review the laws in whatever territory you’re visiting before boarding your flight.

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