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CBD is becoming more and more popular as a remedy for several illnesses, including depression. Experts think that CBD’s favorable impact on serotonin receptors in the brain accounts for some of its potential benefits for treating depression. Low serotonin levels are found to be most likely connected to depression. Although CBD doesn’t always raise serotonin levels, it may alter how your brain’s chemical receptors respond to serotonin that is already present in your body.

In a 2014 study on animals, it was found that CBD had both an antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects on these brain receptors. CBD also has anti-stress qualities, which may lower depression brought on by stress, according to a more recent 2018 study.

How Does It Measure Up To Antidepressants?

When it comes to treating depression, CBD does appear to have certain advantages over antidepressant medications. Most antidepressants take several weeks to begin working. According to a 2019 study, CBD provides an immediate and long-lasting antidepressant-like effect.

Is CBD A Perfect Alternative?

Despite the fact that CBD may have certain advantages over antidepressants, it is not a replacement. Never stop taking any medication without talking to your doctor. If you abruptly stop taking your prescription medication, there is a chance that you will experience serious withdrawal effects. Work with your doctor to come up with a plan for gradually lowering your dosage if you want to stop taking your medication.

Does It Cause Any Side Effects?

Currently, it doesn’t appear that CBD has many negative effects. But some people may be more prone to side effects like fatigue, changes in appetite or weight, and diarrhea. One study found that mice exposed to cannabis extracts high in CBD developed liver damage. However, the mice had received some incredibly high CBD doses. Also, the World Health Organization, while concluding that CBD is generally safe, has asked people to be cautious about interactions between CBD and medications.

Due to a dearth of studies, it is difficult to determine whether CBD has any long-term adverse effects. Experts have not yet found any significant long-term dangers. Always remember that this does not imply that there are none.

So, before using CBD, be sure to discuss the possibility of adverse effects with your doctor.

As was already mentioned, there is still a lot of study being done in this area, and new studies and reviews are published every year. Information on the best ways to utilize the product will continue to evolve as researchers gain a deeper understanding of CBD and its possible advantages or drawbacks.

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