Change in seasons has always impacted the human body adversely if the immune system is weak. With the fall approaching, we need to take care of ourselves to maintain good health. This is possible naturally with the use of cleansing minerals that not only detoxify the body but boost immunity and reduce fatigue. The use of organic minerals is typically limited to cosmetic products, but Biotech Solution, a mineral-based supplement brand, is making a difference. With its product, Corsa 365, Biotech Solution is expected to create a new wave among health enthusiasts and people seeking an alternative to harmful chemicals.

Biotech Solution has a reputation for offering amazing mineral-based supplements that have amazing healing effects. Launched in September 2021, the company has been successfully popularizing the use of organic minerals in detoxifying the human body. Biotech Solution’s first product, ADEO2, is a unique natural mineral of organic origin. The supplement offers an overall healing effect on the entire body and increases immunity. With the growing popularity of ADEO2 among people who noticed an amazing transformation in their bodies, the product entered the e-commerce space with Amazon and became available throughout the US.

Following the success of ADEO2, Biotech Solution launched another beneficial supplement, Corsa 365. It is perhaps the best supplement to protect liver health. Corsa 365 cleanses the liver, supports cell regeneration, and aids detoxification. Besides containing a solid blend of beneficial minerals, Corsa contains extracts of herbs. It can be taken by mixing in water. Studies conforming to the effectiveness of Corsa in eliminating radionuclides from the body were in progress at the Kharkiv National University, but due to the war in Ukraine, the company lost communication with the scientists.

The study also included the use of Corsa in confirming the removal of not only heavy metals but also Strontium and Cesium from aqueous solutions with an acidity similar to that in the human gastrointestinal tract. Later, studies by other scientists were carried out conforming to the results. Yerlan Umarov, the owner, founder, and CEO of Biotech Solution, believes that Corsa 365 will be a revolutionary product restoring the age-old method of mineral healing. Yerlan has decades of experience in managing mineral deposits and even owns a deposit in Kazakhstan. It is a treasure of healing minerals used earlier by Soviet scientists to treat people.

The raw materials for Biotech Solution are imported from Kazakhstan to the US. The company works with freelancers at present and currently has a contract with New York Manufacturing Company. Now Biotech Solution has new agreements with other manufacturing companies in Salt Lake City, Utah, and in Los Angeles, California. Yerlan, a Kazakh by nationality, also owns a supplement manufacturing company in Kazakhstan that is highly popular in Central Asia. He is also a philanthropist organizing fundraisers and events to support the health and well-being of people.

Biotech Solution is Yerlan’s initiative to give back to the community. The company will soon have its manufacturing facility in the US and will also start producing fertilizers, cosmetics, and food additives in the near future.

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