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In the beginning, there were only a few CBD products available in the market such as pills, oils, and tinctures. But now the situations have changed. Presently, there are a wide variety of CBD products including edibles like gummies, chocolates, etc. One of the most common products made of CBD are CBD vape juice. However, it has also become a constant topic of discussion among CBD users. The main query of most of the people is about the fuel used in vape pens. Most of them are claiming that it is normal CBD oil, but it is not. The difference between CBD vape juice and CBD oil are as follows.

Base Solution

The main difference between CBD oil and vape juice is in the base solution used in making these items. Vape juice is made as a fuel for vape pens and other vaping devices. Its function is to avail users CBD in vapor form for inhalation. When CBD vape pen is turned on, a small knob inside it will get heated and it will convert the vape juice into gas. Therefore, for easy conversion, vape juices are made with water as the base solution.

CBD oils are primarily used for oral consumption. It is also sometimes used as an ingredient in making some other CBD products like edibles and pills. The main purpose of CBD oil is to give faster effect when it is consumed orally. Sometimes, it may also have to act as topical products. Therefore, for better absorption into the skin and also for easy digestion, it is made with carrier oils like coconut oil, olive oil or hemp seed oil as the base.


It is the term used to denote the quantity of a substance that can reach the bloodstreams of a normal person. The bioavailability of CBD vape juice and oil is also different. Vape juice is infused into a person in gaseous form and through inhalation. Therefore, it will reach directly to the lungs and will mix with the blood swiftly. Hence, CBD vape juice is having high bioavailability.

In the case of CBD oil, the absorption rate is comparatively lower due to many factors. Firstly, it is infused orally and the digestion process will dispose major portion of the CBD element in oils. Therefore only a small proportion will reach the blood stream. Secondly, the density of oil is higher than water. This makes it harder to get absorbed and leads to lower bioavailability


This factor indicates the time for which CBD can stay in the systems of the user. As mentioned earlier in this article, the absorption rate is higher and faster in case of CBD vape juice. This is because it is infused through inhalation. However, this will also make it last for only a short time in the human body. When it is inhaled, it will get mixed with blood and will reach everywhere in the body and it will be get out of the system with carbon dioxide during exhalation.

However, the durability of CBD oil is very much higher than that of vape juices. When CBD oil is consumed orally, it may take a long time to reach the systems by it will stay there longer than other CBD products. Not only oils, most of the edible CBD products are having high durability. Moreover, if CBD is absorbed to the body more than the required quantity, it may sometimes get disposed off or get stored under the skin with glucose.

Side Effects

So many people have reported there are some side effects on using CBD products. When CBD is consumed orally, it leads to dryness of mouth. This is because of the interaction of CBD with the salivary gland. It is a short term effect and can be recovered faster by drinking water immediately after having CBD.

The adverse effect caused by infusing CBD vape juice is to the lungs. It is reported that using CBD vapes for a long term can lead to some lung diseases. However, inhaling CBD can cause breathlessness and can make the user cough if used in high dosage. It is preferred to use CBD vapes only in emergency situations because the smokes can cause permanent damages to lungs.

The above mentioned are the main differences between CBD vape juice and CBD oil. However, in some tools other than CBD pens, it is possible to use CBD oil as a fuel and it will give almost same effects like CBD vape juices. However, vape juice cannot be used for oral consumption like oils due to its composition.

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