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Just like the effects of CBD on humans, the effects of CBD on pets are also a topic of great interest for researchers. We have an idea of how much time will CBD stay in our body system. But do you know such details about pet CBD products?

CBD can greatly help your dog with antioxidative and anti-inflammatory benefits. These properties can help dogs that are suffering from chronic diseases like arthritis, anxiety, etc. In this article, we are discussing how much time CBD stays in the system of a dog so that you can provide another dose without getting your dog overdosed.

Duration Of CBD Retention In Dog’s Body System

You will need to understand the half-life of CBD to determine the duration CBD stays in the dog’s system. Half-life is nothing but the time required for the concentration of CBD in the body to get to half of its value. Not only for CBD but the optimal dosage for all drugs for humans and pets is determined using the half-life method.

A CBD product with an approximate half-life of 12 hours can provide your dog its benefits for the entire day. If you are using CBD medications with shorter half-life periods, then you should increase the frequency of dosing.

The dog’s ability to metabolize CBD also plays a crucial role in determining how much time CBD stays in its system. Different breeds of dogs have different weights and other body characteristics. So we cannot say the accurate time duration for which CBD stays in your dog’s body system.

Factors Affecting The Time Duration Of CBD Staying In A Dog’s System

As we mentioned earlier, many characteristics of a dog have an impact on the duration of CBD staying in the dog’s body system. The weight of a dog, physical activity level, body chemistry, diet, and metabolism are the major factors that affect CBD’s duration in the body system of a dog.

At first glance, you may feel that giving CBD to a dog is very complicated. But the perfect dose for your dog can easily be found using experimentation. You can start with a small dose of CBD and see whether your dog shows relief from its problems. If it seems to be ineffective slightly increase the dose when you give CBD the next time. If the dose seems ineffective, you can slightly increase the dosage. You can increase the dose until you find a suitable dosage.

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