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The CBD industry is filling up with many CBD manufacturers and products. CBD, also known as cannabidiol is emerging as a staple in the health and wellness worlds. Consumers now have the added difficulty of figuring out good quality CBD products and keeping clear of bad ones. This is not an industry that has been going on for decades and decades, where consumers know the ins and outs of picking good CBD products. It isn’t as easy as picking tomatoes but is easy enough and we’ll tell you how.

Make Sure To Read About The Company And The Products

Research is key to picking out the best from the 2nd best. Thankfully, the information that is available and exchanged among customers is plentiful. You can read up reviews from various sources and make an informed decision. Go through forums and not just trusted websites, as the latter are sometimes paid to write well about their products. The interaction between individuals in forums will give you ground-level perspective of how good or bad the product is.

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Ask for their Certificate of Analysis

Every reputed and transparent CBD company will issue and make available a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). It is a report that puts into writing the various CBD quality checks, the processes of filtration and extraction followed, the various components present in the extract, the percentage of various constituents present, among many others.

Put in simple words, you will know exactly what you put in your body. You can ask for this document when buying at a dispensary or CBD retail store. If you are buying online the CoA should be made available on their website/ e-commerce site. If you find it missing or even if you are not furnished with it after asking via the customer care, then take it as a major red flag and run the other way.

The CoA Must Be Issued By A Trusted Third Party Independent Lab

The testing and quality checks must be performed by a third party independent lab. They must be accredited and must not be affiliated with the producer. There are some CBD manufacturers that have set up their own labs, and these are good as long as the word around town about their products is good.

Do remember that If you are in doubt before trying a new CBD product, check with your doctor to confirm. The side effects are non-existent, but if you are having medication or any other underlying medical conditions, it would be wise to bring a doctor on-board.

Enjoying the CBD journey involves getting a good CBD product, which makes all of the difference.


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