You may have seen them in your neighborhood: friendly blue robots cruising around with the Amazon Prime logo emblazoned on their sides. Known as Amazon Scout, these devices are the company’s answer to a fully-electric delivery system. 

Six-wheeled and roughly the size of a beach cooler, Amazon Scout delivers packages to customers by rolling along sidewalks at a walking pace. The courier devices are autonomous — self-driving and programmed to avoid obstacles such as pedestrians or parked cars. They use cameras and sensors to plan and navigate delivery routes.

This modern way of delivering goods was first tested near Amazon headquarters in Snohomish County, Washington. Initial feedback found the devices adept at dodging stray objects, curious pets and other route interferences such as Washington’s inclement weather. 

As of August 6, Amazon Scout is now experiencing sunnier weather here in our very own city. Announced on Day One, Amazon’s official blog, Irvine will be the second city to test out what the company affectionately calls “adora-bots.” Deliveries via Scout can be expected Monday through Friday during daylight hours. The bots will initially be accompanied by human Amazon Scout Ambassadors to ensure the new delivery devices function properly and to answer any community questions. 

For those wary of the new technology, have no fear. Amazon deliveries will still happen as scheduled and all delivery options remain available. While some customers in our community will get to experience this new way of receiving deliveries, others will get their packages from typical human carriers as Amazon Scout is still in field test mode.

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