Making superb full-spectrum CBD oil is tricky. On the one hand, extractors can’t purify their hemp flowers too much because that would destroy all the delicate terpenes and secondary cannabinoids. However, it’s essential to filter out enough delta-9 THC to remain compliant with the federal government.

Not all CBD brands offer customers the optimal full-spectrum CBD experience — yet every hemp company wants you to believe they have the best CBD oils! For instance, Bloom Farms Wellness has built a reputation for offering high-quality California-grown hemp products like CBD oil. According to the company’s website, it sells exceptional full-spectrum CBD oils.

So, is Bloom Farms telling the truth? That’s what Real Tested CBD wanted to find out in our latest lab reviews.

How Did Bloom Farms Score At Real Tested CBD?

For our review of Bloom Farms, Real Tested CBD decided to test the company’s standard 300 mg full-spectrum CBD tincture. According to our lab findings, Bloom Farms isn’t hiding anything in its official labels, advertisements, and reports. This oil was squeaky clean in terms of solvent residue and heavy metals, and there weren’t considerable discrepancies in the actual vs. posted cannabinoid counts.

In fact, the CBD percentage in the Bloom Farms’ CBD oil was a mere 0.4 mg above the posted claim. Few CBD brands we’ve tested have such a precise accuracy score. The average price per milligram of CBD is about $0.11.

True to its “full-spectrum” status, Bloom Farms’ CBD oil has a wealth of secondary cannabinoids like CBG. However, our lab testers didn’t find any traces of the popular cannabinoid CBN. For a crash course on what makes CBN so unique, you should check out this previous post.

Other than the lack of CBN, there weren’t many negatives our lab testers found in Bloom Farms’ CBD oil. Overall, we gave this CBD product an 81 out of 100. You can find our full review on this link.

Does Bloom Farms Offer Other CBD Products?

Bloom Farms is unique in that it offers both hemp and cannabis products. When you visit Bloom Farms’ website, you will have to choose between one of these portals. Only people living in states with recreational marijuana laws can explore Bloom Farms’ legal weed offerings.

In the CBD hemp section of Bloom Farms’ catalog, guests will find three primary segments: tinctures, vapor oils, and topicals. The company also offers vape pens with batteries for those who need a new vaporizer unit.

In Bloom Farms’ cannabis portfolio, guests will find THC-heavy flowers and live resin vape carts. The company claims all of its THC cannabis flowers come from “sun-grown strains” in California.

Is Bloom Farms A Reputable Hemp Brand?

Although we’ve only tested one of Bloom Farms’ products, we were impressed by the accuracy and purity of this company’s CBD tincture. We also appreciate that Bloom Farms is transparent with its lab reporting. You can find all of the company’s third-party lab tests online, and Bloom Farms has many ways to reach out to its customer service staff.

Unless new details emerge about Bloom Farms, we believe this CBD company is a reputable brand to work with.

Does Bloom Farms Have The Best Full-Spectrum CBD Near Me?

Although Bloom Farms’ full-spectrum CBD oil is impressive, there are many other options in this competitive market. Before spending money on any CBD brand, we’d encourage you to read through Real Tested CBD’s top picks for the best full-spectrum CBD oils.

We’ve arranged all of our reviews in an easy-to-scan list going from our favorite to our least-favorite options. You can find our current picks for the best CBD oils on this page.

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