CBG doesn’t have a considerable presence in the hemp market, but it’s gaining ground. Sometimes called the “caviar cannabinoid,” this ultra-rare compound morphs into CBD and THC as a hemp plant matures. However, like CBD, CBG has zero psychoactivity. When most hemp strains reach maturity, there’s usually only 1 percent CBG content, which is why this cannabinoid is so difficult for customers to acquire.

However, as more reports come out about the benefits of CBG, hemp manufacturers are adding this cannabinoid to their offerings. One company that’s particularly well-known for its CBG offerings is Hemptown USA. Unlike many other CBD shops, Hemptown USA markets itself as the place to go if you’re looking for “CBG near me.”

So, does Hemptown deserve its hype? Is this Oregon-based business a hemp brand you could trust? Keep reading to see what Real Tested CBD discovered about Hemptown USA’s products.

How Did Hemptown USA Score At Real Tested CBD?

Since Hemptown USA places so much importance on its high-grade CBG, Real Tested CBD first tested the company’s “Harvest Blend” CBG oil. Honestly, this “CBG oil” contains more CBD than CBG. However, when you compare Hemptown’s signature CBG product with many other CBD oils, it has more CBG than competing hemp extracts.

According to Hemptown USA’s packaging, this CBG oil should have 1,250 mg of CBD and 250 mg of CBG. Interestingly, our lab reports suggest there was 130 mg extra CBD and just a smidge less CBG than posted. We also found that Hemptown USA’s CBG oil had significant traces of CBN and CBC without detectable traces of delta-9 THC.

The Real Tested CBD team found zero traces of contaminants, pesticides, or heavy metals in Hemptown USA’s CBG oil. We also felt the value of $0.04 per mg of CBD and $0.24 per mg of CBG was attractive.

To see how Hemptown USA’s other products performed, Real Tested CBD examined its hemp “Calm Caps.” These hemp capsules also contained a blend of CBD/CBG, but this time the 50 mg of CBD and 25 mg of CBG per pill. Unfortunately, our tests revealed the actual CBD/CBG score was slightly below this posted claim. We also didn’t find as many secondary cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, or CBL in these “Calm Caps.”

On the positive side, Hemptown USA’s “Calm Caps” have traces of other compounds like ashwagandha and L-theanine. These extra ingredients may enhance CBD and CBG’s calming properties. We also didn’t find traces of any toxic compounds in these capsules.

Overall, we gave Hemptown USA an 88 out of 100. Please follow this link to learn how Real Tested CBD chose this score.

Does Hemptown USA Offer Other Products?

Hemptown USA now offers many hemp-extracted products, most of which have higher-than-average traces of CBG. In addition to oils and capsules, Hemptown USA has plenty of smokable hemp pre-rolls.

Note: Some of Hemptown USA’s products target issues like sleep or immune support. Please double-check the lab reports and secondary ingredients in their products to see if they align with your intended goals.

Is Hemptown USA A Reputable Brand?

Although we discovered Hemptown USA’s “Cool Caps” had slightly fewer cannabinoids than the posted claim, we believe this company is reputable. There’s zero evidence Hemptown USA is putting out products that aren’t clean and adequately screened.

Indeed, Hemptown USA has “Ultra Tested” status and abides by all FDA standards. The company also promises to send third-party lab reports with all of its hemp-derived goods.

Looking For More CBG Near Me? Stick With Real Tested CBD!

It may be tricky to find “CBG near me,” but companies like Hemptown USA are making it easier to give this cannabinoid a try. But please don’t think Hemptown USA is your only choice in the CBG market. We didn’t see anything “wrong” with the Hemptown USA brand, but there are other CBG products on today’s market.

If you’d like to see our pick for the best CBG in the industry, please check out Real Tested CBD’s current CBG rankings on this link.

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