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Seeing CBD everywhere, from local stores to fancy restaurants, you could assume that CBD is legal to use all over the country. If you don’t know about the legal status of CBD in the United States, search for Farm Bill 2018. It clearly says that CBD and all CBD-related products are legal unless they contain more than 0.3 % of THC.

So you know that CBD products available in the markets are safe. Currently, there are so many CBD edibles like CBD gummies, CBD oil, etc available in the market. But is it safe to consume CBD along with food items? Is it safe to prepare CBD-infused food items like CBD cookies? In this article, we are discussing whether CBD is safe to consume along with food.

Is It Legal To Add CBD To Food Items?

You can see many restaurants providing food items infused with CBD. Usually, people doubt the safety and legality of using CBD in food items.

CBD is considered a health supplement by the FDA. Before selling CBD-infused food items, the restaurant has to inform FDA about their product and should get permission from the FDA to sell the product. For the FDA to approve CBD-infused food items, the CBD should meet certain standards like purity, contaminants free, etc.

The FDA presently classifies CBD as a “new medication”. This means that you cannot sell CBD-infused food items without clinical trials. You can sell them after they confirm that your product is safe to use. Based on current studies on CBD, it is a safe compound. But keep in mind that the research about CBD is at an infant stage.

Can You Add CBD Oil To Your Food?

You can add CBD oil to your food and consume it. But you are not allowed to sell CBD-infused food items to the public unless your product is tested. It is also legal to decarboxylate CBD or bake CBD cookies or other CBD dishes. Unless you are selling CBD-infused food, there is no other legal problem related to using CBD-infused food items.

There are a lot of CBD-infused food items like CBD chocolates, CBD honey, CBD gummies, etc available through online stores. If you are interested, you can use recipes available on the internet for making CBD-infused food items. Preparing CBD-infused food items and sharing them with friends and family is not a federal crime.

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