Meet Dr. Mike Hart: The Physician Making a Mark in Physical and Mental Health

Like any other disease, mental illness needs serious medical attention – and many survivors of mental health issues have been vocal about their journeys to fight the stigma associated with it. Unfortunately, only half the work has been done as the use of medical cannabis and psychedelics to treat mental health issues is yet to be accepted by doctors. Dr. Mike Hart is making a mark here, being a pioneer in prescribing medical cannabis to his patients trying to cope with mental illness. He believes cannabis is a safer and more effective medicine than most painkillers that are addictive and can have deadly side effects.

Dr. Hart is a family physician and is the first doctor in London, Ontario to focus on cannabis-focused treatment. He started his practice in 2013, and since then, he has expanded his line of treatment to plant-based medicines more than drugs. According to Dr. Hart, painkillers and sleeping pills like opioids have killed more people than illegal drugs. Medical marijuana is a safer alternative to treat medical conditions and has not killed anyone.

Besides prescribing medical cannabis to his patients, Dr. Hart is an expert in using ketamine for various mental health problems. His interests combine several areas of health and medicines, such as psychedelics, nutrition, longevity, and strength training. The family physician is also inclined towards entrepreneurship and trading. He is currently the COO of Optimind Pharma, a soon to be a publicly-traded company.

Dr. Hart‘s initiative to make medical cannabis a more accepted method of treatment for mental health issues has earned him several recognitions over the years. He appeared on Joe Rogan’s famous podcast and was featured in three renowned publications. He is a member of the scientific board of Predict Medix, a publicly-traded AI healthcare company. Apart from this, Dr. Hart has also authored a book that became an Amazon bestseller.

Patients can consult him at his clinic or connect with him online for prescribed medication. All patients need to go through a comprehensive screening process and submit documents as proof of their mental health condition. The patients at Dr. Hart’s clinic can source medical cannabis directly from federally licensed producers and get it delivered through registered mail.

To reach more people and help them cope with mental illness through the use of cannabis, Dr. Hart started his own podcast in 2021. The podcast titled “Hart2Heart” is focused on the therapeutic use of cannabis and psychedelic medicines. Dr. Hart also discusses topics like fitness, health, nutrition, stoic philosophy, and mindfulness.

As someone who is a fitness enthusiast and follows a strict diet, Dr. Hart has always believed in practicing plant-based medicines, which are safer. His cannabis-focused practice has not been opposed or questioned by any physician in his field. This is why Dr. Hart is certain that physicians are not against the use of medical cannabis, but it is the lack of knowledge about administering cannabis that is an obstacle to its awareness.

Dr. Hart is optimistic about the evolution of mental health treatment in the coming decade, and that medical cannabis will find more acceptance. He believes that psychedelics will be at the forefront in treating mental health, but exercise, stoic philosophy, and supplements can never be overlooked.

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