CBD supplements have become commonplace in supermarkets, health food stores, and eCommerce sites. Now that CBD has become ubiquitous in our culture, many assume it’s “safe” for everyone. Although CBD oil is generally well-tolerated by healthy adults, that doesn’t mean it’s a suitable option for every customer. There are many factors that people should consider when assessing whether CBD is safe for them.

Safely Taking CBD — Who’s The Right Fit For CBD Supplements?

As mentioned in the intro, most health authorities believe CBD is generally well-tolerated by healthy adults. If you’re over 21 and don’t have a pre-existing medical condition, it’s usually OK to try a high-quality CBD product. Since CBD isn’t psychoactive, there’s no risk of feeling “high” when taking this cannabinoid. However, some people may notice side effects like digestive upset, nausea, or headaches when they take CBD oil.

Even if people experience adverse reactions to their CBD, these sensations are usually mild and short-lived. It’s less likely a healthy adult would experience an adverse effect from CBD oil if they stick with the lowest recommended dose.

However, patients with a medical condition or who take prescription medications must speak with a doctor before using CBD. Researchers now know that CBD can influence the absorption of many commonly prescribed pills. Also, there’s some evidence that CBD could hurt certain eye conditions like glaucoma.

People should speak with their physician to understand how to safely incorporate CBD into their diet. Only your registered doctor will know how to use CBD oil to experience maximum benefits without provoking a bad reaction.

Is CBD Safe To Feed To Kids Or Pets?

As you probably noticed, we were careful to say CBD oil is only safe for healthy adults. So, does that mean this hemp extract is unfit for those under 21? And what about our four-legged friends?

Unfortunately, there’s not enough data to confirm whether it’s safe to give CBD oil to a child. Some scientists are examining CBD’s potential for autism, but the FDA has only approved the use of the CBD drug Epidiolex for children with epilepsy. Other than that, most medical officials don’t recommend giving CBD oil to childrenunless you have a doctor’s approval.

As for pets, it appears safe to feed healthy dogs a pet-approved CBD supplement. Just be sure the CBD product you’re ordering is specifically for pets. Many human-grade hemp extracts contain secondary ingredients that are harmful to dogs. Most notably, full-spectrum CBD oils could have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. There’s strong evidence that dogs don’t process THC the same way humans do. While 0.3 percent THC may be OK for most healthy adults, it can be toxic for your pup.

People who want to feed their dog CBD oil need to verify the product they’re researching has zero THC content. Always refer to third-party lab tests to ensure your CBD pet treats are made with dogs in mind.

For Superior CBD Safety, Always Refer To Third-Party Lab Tests!

Please remember that not every CBD oil hitting today’s market is fit for human consumption. The FDA doesn’t screen CBD products for purity, so companies can easily manufacture low-quality CBD supplements. There are many cases where CBD brands fail to properly screen their CBD oils, which could mean they contain high traces of contaminants or THC.

The only way to verify your CBD oil is OK is to request third-party lab test results. You could also review all of the unbiased data on reputable sites like Real Tested CBD. Over the years, Real Tested CBD has tested dozens of CBD brands for quality and safety. Please click this link to see our rankings for the best CBD oils.

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