The Memorabilia Network is Revolutionizing the Collectibles Industry

For today’s brand new collector, the industry of sports collecting and the like looks really fast-paced and exciting. With shows that educate through a plethora of expert opinions available on the internet, one could very much start building an impressive memorabilia collection with a few clicks and a budget. But memorabilia veterans like Harlan Werner remember this industry a little differently. When Harlan found his love for sports cards, it was 1980 and collecting was about fun, patience, passion, adrenaline, and adventure. It wasn’t the mercilessly intimidating industry it evolved into today. In order to make collecting about the craft and not the flashiness, Harlan built The Memorabilia Network.

In building or selling a collection, one of the main challenges is finding a reputable and honest authenticating body. In that department, Harlan has his disappointments with many experts passing their opinion as fact. The Memorabilia Network seeks to change that and to address people’s apprehensions in the world of collecting. Hailed as one of the industry’s best platforms for authenticating, grading, buying, and selling collectible items, The Memorabilia Network offers a suite of services that cater to big and small collectors all over the world.

The team that runs the place lives and breathes memorabilia. Harlan functions as The Memorabilia Network’s CEO and President, and works alongside the best in the collectible industry such as Dan Nelles, who has 25 years of aiding major memorabilia companies under his belt; Mike Gutierrez, who is also the on-air appraiser for the prominent Antiques Roadshow; David Elkouby, who has photographed hundreds of celebrities including Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor; and Maria Parker, who has vast experience in media and broadcasting. Their Board of Directors are some of the titans in business, entertainment, music, and sports.

In his 40 years of experience as a sports collector and show promoter, Harlan has walked with many people’s favorite heroes such as Jim Brown, Roy Campanella, Don Drysdale and Mike Tyson. He also represented Muhammad Ali and his family for more than 20 years. In those years, Harlan built his own collection and started managing memorabilia for history’s most important people.

In transforming the collectibles industry, Harlan seeks to deepen the value of memorabilia by putting the true stories of collectors out there in video form. By building a community around collectibles, The Memorabilia Network uplifts the collector’s voice. Their Living Provenance Video Production service aims to find unique stories about collectors and their collections. Through documentary-style features, the team creates a living provenance for collectibles. Going beyond a catalog or certificate of authenticity, provenance comes to life and will exist in perpetuity for all to see.

For buyers, sellers, collectors, and dealers wanting to learn more about The Memorabilia Network, you can attend their upcoming Heroes, Icons, and Legends Auction where they’ll be featuring collectibles from Sandy Koufax and Joe Namath, Muhammad Ali artwork, Mickey Mantle memorabilia, and much more – happening October 24, 2022. Read more about their services by visiting The Memorabilia Network website.

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