Smoking CBD hemp flowers isn’t for everyone. Although many customers love the flavors and effects of CBD prerolls, some complain about a scratchy throat or a coughing fit. People who suffer from lung conditions frequently say they can’t handle the intensity of CBD hemp joints.

While smoking CBD hemp may not be suitable for everyone, consumers could enjoy a smoother experience with a dry herb vaporizer. Unlike e-juice vape pens, dry herb vaporizers can heat ground hemp flowers to produce a less-irritating vaping experience. Since vapor doesn’t have the carcinogens found in smoke, it tends to feel more comfortable and taste more flavorful than smokable joints.

If consumers are interested in vaping CBD hemp, they will run across countless devices on today’s market. It can be challenging for newcomers to choose from the many dry herb vaporizers. Although it will take plenty of time and research to evaluate different dry herb-compatible vaporizers, there are some key features customers should consider when assessing this market.

How To Choose An Exceptional Dry Herb Vaporizer — A Few Features To Watch Out For

Establish Your Vaping Style Beforehand

To help narrow down your list before searching for vaporizer brands, ask yourself what kind of vaporizer you’re looking for. Do you want a portable vaporizer for quick and discreet sessions, or are you in the market for a high-quality at-home unit? Are you going to use your vaporizer for sharing with friends, or is this unit strictly for solo use?

You should also consider whether you’re looking for a convection or conduction heating model. Convection vaporizers tend to be cheaper and have better temperature control, but they have a greater tendency to burn your nugs at higher temperatures. Since convection heating units directly touch your herbs, you probably won’t get as smooth or flavorful a session as a conduction device.

The critical difference between conduction and convection units is that the former has a separate chamber that generates heat. Conduction vaporizers use the high temperatures in the second heating element to create vapor in your herb chamber without touching your CBD hemp.

Many people claim conduction units offer a smoother and more flavorful vaping experience. However, due to the nature of their design, conduction vaporizers tend to heat slower and without the same temp precision as convection units. Also, conduction vaporizers tend to be larger and have a higher price tag.

Please consider these factors before moving on to the later steps in this guide. This initial framework will save you a ton of time evaluating dry herb vaporizers that don’t suit your needs.

Stick With Reputable Dry Herb Vaporizer Brands

Every vaper has a different opinion on the “best” brand, but it’s not hard to figure out which vaporizer models have a good reputation. Please take a few moments to scan CBD hemp vaping forums and blogs to see what other customers say about their favorite units. Please pay attention to which names constantly crop up in discussions on the best dry herb vaporizers.

Once you’ve discovered a few companies that often appear online, read about each vaporizer brand on their official website. See how long each vaporizer manufacturer has been in business and if they won any awards. You could also visit reputable vaporizer review sites or YouTube channels to see what the pros say about each unit.

How Long Will Your Vaporizer Stay Charged?

There’s nothing worse than drawing from a dead vaporizer. Just when you want to chill with some CBD, you’re stuck on a mountaintop with a low battery!

Unfortunately, this situation has happened to many outdoor enthusiasts and employees on a lunch break. The only way to avoid this issue is to figure out your vaporizer’s battery life before making a purchase.

Take your time evaluating how long each battery charge takes and how long a full battery will last. Will a full charge last for as long as you need when out and about? Also, how many charges could you expect to get with your unit’s battery?

There’s no “perfect” battery life for a portable dry herb vaporizer. However, it’s essential to determine if your unit’s specs align with your intended uses.

Check Out The Temp Control Options

New customers should never assume their vaporizer will let them adjust the temperature of their session. Although temp control is becoming more common in dry herb vaporizers, plenty of units don’t include this feature.

If you’re a vaper who enjoys adjusting the flavor and intensity of your sessions, you should prioritize a unit that provides precise temp adjustment. You need to know if your vaporizer will allow you to manage your temps so you can manage your expectations.

Don’t Forget To Review Your Hemp Strains, Too!

Once you have a new dry herb vaporizer, it can be tempting to buy whatever flowers you find after Googling “CBD near me.” However, customers can’t assume every trichome-rich hemp strain online is legit. Many retailers are selling subpar CBD hemp flowers without reputable lab tests.

The only way to avoid having a negative vaping experience is to look through third-party Certificates of Analysis for CBD hemp strains. Real Tested CBD has dozens of reviews on CBD hemp flowers to help you figure out the best buds for your dry herb vaporizer.

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