Written by the Irvine Weekly Community Editorial Board:

Few people exude the passion for the city of Irvine shown by Anthony Kuo. He lives, breathes and sleeps Irvine. That is exactly the type of person we want to see serving on the Irvine City Council.

Photo courtesy of Anthony Kuo

Kuo has a long history with the city. He has lived in Irvine his entire life and is a product of Irvine’s lauded school system. And, he has long been on the city’s Planning Commission – a post that well prepares him for the challenges facing Irvine. From traffic mitigation to housing, Kuo has perhaps the best background to serve on the City Council of anyone seeking the office this year.

What sets Kuo apart from his peers seeking election is his unparalleled devotion of time to civic causes. He is involved in seemingly countless charity and community organizations where he has shown leadership for the veteran community, small businesses and the community college system.

Kuo’s breadth and depth of knowledge of Irvine would serve the City Council well. Vote Anthony Kuo for Irvine City Council.

Our Editorial Approach

After researching each candidate thoroughly, consulting with community leaders, taking into consideration public comments during the candidate debate hosted by the Irvine Chamber of Commerce and weighing the experience of each candidate against the issues facing Irvine, we believe Don Wagner is the best choice for mayor while Anthony Kuo and Lauren Johnson-Norris are the best choices for Irvine City Council.

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