Written by the Irvine Weekly Community Editorial Board

Photo courtesy of Lauren Johnson-Norris

What we like about Lauren Johnson-Norris for Irvine City Council is that she is independent. And at a time where ideology and special interests dominate most politics, independence is exactly what we need from our elected leaders.

Johnson-Norris is an interesting candidate for council because she is not backed nor beholden to the typical political powers in the city. Even still, she has been able to develop a groundswell of grassroots support. Her candidacy is much like that of Councilwoman Melissa Fox — who has endorsed Johnson-Norris. Fox originally won a seat on the council without typical support in the city and has proven to be a solid, independent thinker for Irvine.

Johnson-Norris also has the backing of public safety — both the Irvine Police Association and the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association have endorsed her candidacy. That makes sense given she has made community safety the centerpiece of her campaign. Vote Lauren Johnson-Norris for Irvine City Council.

Our Editorial Approach

After researching each candidate thoroughly, consulting with community leaders, taking into consideration public comments during the candidate debate hosted by the Irvine Chamber of Commerce and weighing the experience of each candidate against the issues facing Irvine, we believe Don Wagner is the best choice for mayor while Anthony Kuo and Lauren Johnson-Norris are the best choices for Irvine City Council.

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