CBD e-juices have become one of the most popular options in the global vaping industry. Since CBD doesn’t contain nicotine or delta-9 THC, many vapers feel it’s the “safest” way to enjoy their favorite pastime. Plus, many hot CBD vape carts are pre-loaded with hemp terpenes, secondary cannabinoids, and natural flavors, all of which add to the vaping experience.

However, many new customers are concerned about how CBD vape carts will make them feel. Since CBD comes from cannabis strains, does it have psychoactive effects?

Will CBD Vape Carts Make Users Feel “High?”

If you have a lab-verified & hemp-extracted CBD vape cart, it won’t make you feel “high.” Legal CBD e-juices must contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC, which is too little to make even a lightweight feel “stoned.” Plus, since CBD blocks THC from landing on CB1 receptors, it’s unlikely you’ll feel any psychoactive effects when vaping hemp CBD vape juices.

Just review the third-party lab results associated with your CBD vape pods or pens. There are a few marijuana-extracted CBD vape products in states with recreational cannabis laws. Sometimes, these higher-potency CBD carts could have THC above 0.3 percent. The higher the THC percentage in your chosen CBD cart, the higher chance you’ll feel, well, “high.”

If Vaping CBD Doesn’t Get You “Stoned,” What Does It Do?

Everyone has different opinions on how vaping CBD feels, but most describe this cannabinoid as “calming.” Also, everyone who tries CBD vape carts is impressed by how fast they experience CBD’s effects.

Unlike chewing a CBD gummy or swallowing a capsule, CBD vape juices travel straight into your lungs. A few seconds after inhaling your CBD e-juice, you should begin to notice a sense of relaxation and a light body buzz. Some people may experience heightened awareness and reduced anxiety, while others claim CBD vape carts make them feel slightly sleepy.

Who Should Try Vaping CBD E-Juices?

Since CBD vape carts are more intense than gummies, oils, and capsules, they usually aren’t the best option for total beginners. Although CBD is non-psychoactive, the potency of a CBD vape cart can be overwhelming for new customers.

For the best results, consumers should consider experimenting with lower-intensity products like CBD gummies or CBD tinctures. Take a few weeks to figure out your perfect CBD dosage, and then compare your max dosage with the total milligrams in standard CBD vape carts. These findings will help you choose a vape product that will provide optimal relaxation.

Plus, since you’ll build a CBD tolerance by taking gummies or oils, your body will have an easier time adjusting to the “blast” of CBD vape pods.

Always Scrutinize The Quality Of Your CBD Vape Carts!

Vaping CBD carts is a superb option for many customers. Some former smokers use CBD vape carts as a healthful alternative to nicotine, while others love using CBD e-juices for instant relief. However, you always have to verify your CBD manufacturer uses high-quality procedures to make their products.

Unfortunately, many hemp companies cut corners when testing their products. Reputable CBD brands should always be willing to share Certificates of Analysis with their customers. If you can’t get your hands on a third-party lab result, please don’t do business with a CBD vape cart company.

If you’re having difficulty sorting through the countless CBD vape cart brands, please review all of the guides on Real Tested CBD’s website. In addition to CBD vape juices, we frequently publish unbiased reviews of the hottest CBD gummies, oils, and capsules.

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