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Cannabidiol is a hemp-derived substance added to cosmetic products used to care for the skin and other purposes. Many brands claim that their CBD cosmetics have benefits that are previously unheard of. The CBD-filled beauty products market is expected to be worth $1.70 billion across the world in five years, as per a Grand View Research firm report. According to that report, CBD beauty products for skincare will likely have high demand in America and Canada because medical marijuana is legalized in these nations.

What Do Medical Professionals Say?

There is a hype around CBD cosmetic items, but are these products hype-worthy? As per health professionals, not all health benefit claims of the items might be fully correct. They point out the inadequacy of research on how CBD cosmetics can benefit users.

“There’s just not a lot of science,” says the University of Toronto’s Assistant Professor, Dr. Sandy Skotnicki. While a fine number of studies confirm that topicals containing cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol can help control pain, it is not all that sure whether CBD can work for skincare.

Will I Be Intoxicated By Consuming Cannabidiol Products?

No. Cannabidiol is no mind-altering substance, like THC. Despite hemp’s legalization, people still wonder whether cannabis derivatives such as it and cannabidiol can make them lose touch with reality. Consumers wonder whether mind-altering marijuana elements enter their skin and thereby cause the effect, which one would associate with cannabis. This would not happen, says cosmetic scientist Saina Taidi.

Certain CBD cosmetics have hemp seed oil, but other products contain CBD oil taken out from hemp flowers. The latter oil does not have over 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol, says Taidi. Well-known beauty items like lip gloss and mascara contain either of the aforesaid oil after the relaxing of cannabis rules about the items throughout North America, says Taidi.

Do The Skincare Items Work?

Some pieces of research have discovered that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory effects, which could be useful for eczema or psoriasis patients. However, cannabidiol is not effective in all cases, and studies are continuing, the cosmetic scientist says.

CBD items online tend to be mislabeled, so before purchasing any of these, Taidi recommends reading the components and doing your homework on CBD’s effects. She also suggests talking to a healthcare professional prior to purchasing an in-demand item.

Nonetheless, there is a potential for anecdotal evidence that cannabidiol-infused items can help to reduce acne inflammation. This is among the many different potential benefits of cannabidiol-filled beauty products. Inflamed skin possibly looks red. Every type of skin can have inflammation, which possibly ranges from severe for a short duration to long-lasting.

Cannabidiol down-regulates the production of proinflammatory cytokine. This signaling molecule is linked to causing pain, so controlling it through cannabidiol might just ease painful and inflamed skin.

CBD also possibly has anti-acne properties. There is research indicating that it is possibly more effective compared to isotretinoin in the case of acne. This augurs well for adult women with acne. There is much research indicating that cannabidiol may ease symptoms such as itchiness, dryness, and burning. So, it may relieve psoriasis, xerosis, and dermatitis symptoms.

How Does Other Cosmetic Product Components Compare To Cannabidiol?

CBD’s effects on the aforesaid conditions appear to be promising, but there is not much scientific research into CBD topical items. We need more powerful evidence suggesting that cannabidiol in cosmetic items will bring the same effects as other types of cannabidiol or the other ingredients would. Unlike with CBD, there is much research that validates the efficacy of other skincare product ingredients.

For instance, hyaluronan, Vitamin C, plus Vitamin A bring hydrating effects, antioxidant effects, plus anti-aging effects, respectively. The wealth of scientific proof applying the ingredients on the skin’s surface confirms the effectiveness and safety of these.

Cannabidiol in cosmetic products is still making progress and might be proven effective, and the same goes for the research. So, up to the time there is enough scientific evidence on the effects of CBD topicals, experts recommend using CBD as a complementary product to other skincare items.

Cannabidiol is only among the many different anti-inflammatory substances available in the market. It has the hype and for good reason. However, this is not to say that you have to replace every skincare product with CBD counterparts.

Final Thoughts On CBD-Filled Cosmetics

The lack of scientific research, CBD is certainly safe to consume. What is unclear is whether CBD is much more effective compared to similar substances. It is not yet known whether CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can be thought of as just anti-aging effects.

Therefore, for now, using CBD skincare items is a good idea provided that its THC content is within legal limits and that you expect reasonable results, not age-delaying miracles.

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