Get ready to enjoy an R-rated “graphic” masterpiece that intertwines political discourse and satire by the celebrated but reclusive Julia Verne. Her newest publication, Trump’s Hot Bot, contains sharp wit and vivid illustrations — both of which pack a punch in a nuanced narrative that takes a deep dive into a society obsessed with power, greed, sex, and the quest for control.

In Trump’s Hot Bot, readers are introduced to former president Donald Trump and Petra, an emotionless sex robot. At their first meeting, they fall in lust with each other; suddenly, the stage is set for a laugh until-you-cry narrative of strap-ons, deception, power struggles, and an unexpected twist of sentient artificial intelligence.

“Turn off the politics, and turn on the mocking, biting, sexy satire that ‘relieves’ stress like a Trump hotel stay in Russia.” Verne suggests. “This book is not just a comedic escape but a reflection on the power dynamics and societal norms that continue to shape our world.”

Readers of all types will get a kick out of Verne’s new novel. Trump’s Hot Bot is the sharp stick poking fun at our shared political circus that Baby Boomers to Millennials can appreciate. Join Julia Verne on this uproarious journey that promises to be as enlightening as it is entertaining.

Trump’s Hot Bot is available for purchase online at Alpha XR and Barnes and Noble.

About the Author
Author Julia Verne, great-granddaughter of the illustrious Jules Verne, is renowned for her incisive wit, insights into the latest scientific advances, and her ability to weave dark humor with biting political commentary. Her works have captivated readers worldwide, but this is the first time she set her formidable sights on America, and the results are mesmerizing. Read Trump’s Hot Bot and discover why Verne already is a staple of European comedic satire and literature, and why she’ll hit the best seller lists in America.


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