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Many people think that both panic attacks and anxiety attacks are the same mental health problem. However, they are not. Anxiety attacks are frequently brought on by a stressor. A person may, for example, be stressed or worried about certain conditions. Anxiety episodes fade away as soon as the stressor is no longer there. They’re only around for a short period.

However, panic disorders do not have any relation to external stressors. Instead, it entails unanticipated and recurrent bouts of intense terror. Signs like heart pulsations, the brevity of breath, stomach discomfort, and disorientation are common. The symptoms of a panic attack might sometimes resemble those of a cardiac arrest or another fatal event.

Doctors are still trying to figure out why some people acquire panic disorder, though hereditary factors appear to play a role. Traumatic life events and thinking in a way that will make your body feel anxious are two other possible triggers. Most medications used to manage panic attacks have proven ineffective and scientists are looking for effective remedies. A few studies disclosed that CBD may be potent in easing some of the signs of panic attacks.

CBD For Panic Attacks

CBD is a cannabinoid compound found in the cannabis plant, as most of you are aware. Cannabis has been used to relieve tension and anxiety for generations. Due to its sedative and anti-depressive traits, the cannabis plant has been talked about even in ancient pharmacopeia as well as numerous other religious books.

Numerous studies conducted over the years have shown the benefits of CBD in managing anxiety disorders by providing relaxing effects. It was found that taking CBD and THC together could help in reducing anxiety and tension in humans. Another study looked specifically into the effects of CBD in managing anxiety disorder and found that it could manage panic attacks, in addition to social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety, disorder, PTSD, etc.

CBD has a limited sedative impact and no anxiety-provoking characteristics, according to preclinical findings. Furthermore, it has an unrivaled safety profile when compared to regularly given anti-anxiety drugs.

Best Ways To Use CBD For Managing Panic Attacks

When we experience panic attacks, we need immediate relief. That means, CBD tinctures, CBD vapes are the best options you have because both these CBD products make sure that the CBD enters the bloodstream quickly. When you take CBD tinctures, it allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream through the tiny blood capillaries under the tongue. You will experience the desired effects within minutes.

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