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CBD topicals, due to their transdermal application, are one of the answers for discreet ways to get your daily CBD dose. CBD topicals include a variety of products that are used for pain relief and skincare. CBD topicals and ingestible CBD products provide different pain relief because the former provides targeted pain relief while the latter does not. The overall quality of CBD topicals is determined by the manufacturing method and the ingredients used. Here is a list of the top CBD topicals with a high-quality profile.

Lotion with Blue Ribbon Hemp Broad-Spectrum

Blue Ribbon hemp broad-spectrum lotion is free of THC because it is made from broad-spectrum CBD extract. The lotion contains 50% broad-spectrum hemp extract, 40% aloe vera, and 10% MSM, and all of these potent ingredients combine to make it the ultimate skincare product.

The hemp extract used in the lotion is derived from hemp grown in the United States, which serves as a double assurance of product quality because the hemp farming industry in the United States is subject to stringent quality regulations.

The lotion comes in a 2oz jar and contains 250 mg broad-spectrum hemp extract per ounce. Because the body is naturally intolerant of foreign substances, a polar solvent is required to facilitate the movement of phytocannabinoids in broad-spectrum extract into the body. The ingredient MSM in blue ribbon hemp lotion is a naturally occurring chemical found in plants and humans, and its polar nature makes it a suitable additive in lotions as it increases the lotion’s absorption rate.

Sabaidee Relief Rub

Sabaidee Relief Rub is a full spectrum topical made entirely of plants. The topical contains organic hemp extract as well as extracts from tansy flower and camphor tree. Essential oils of peppermint and wintergreen are used to enhance the flavor.

Sabaidee Relief Rub is a thick balm with good moisturizing and hydrating properties, but it is too thick to use on the face. Every 50mL container contains 250mg of CBD, which is sufficient to make the rub effective. It costs $0.20 per milligram of CBD, making it more expensive than many other rubs on the market.

Cooling Cream from Medterra

The cooling cream is made with CBD isolate, which means it contains no THC. Medterra cooling cream’s cooling effect alleviates the discomfort caused by rashes, sensitive skin, and inflammations. The CBD isolate used in the cooling cream is derived from non-GMP hemp grown in the United States, indicating that the hemp cultivation adhered to the strict quality regulations in place in the United States.

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