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Airflow from the lungs is impeded by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a persistent inflammatory lung disorder. Coughing up phlegm, wheezing, and breathing difficulties are all indications that COPD is present. The main culprit is generally prolonged exposure to irritant chemicals or particles, most frequently from cigarette smoke. Heart failure, lung cancer, and a number of other illnesses are more likely to affect people with COPD.

Despite the fact that there is no recognized cure for COPD, there are treatments that can reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. The best way to handle COPD is to stop smoking, although extra treatments could be necessary. Breathing can be made simpler with the aid of inhalers by helping to widen airways. Mucus may need to be thinned or airway inflammation may need to be reduced with medication. If the lungs are unable to absorb sufficient oxygen on their own, more oxygen may be required.

Recent studies suggest that the cannabinoid CBD may be useful in easing some COPD symptoms. It’s becoming more and more common to utilize CBD to treat COPD.

Inflammation Of The Airways And CBD

According to a 2015 mice research, CBD can reduce lung inflammation. As inflammation decreases, breathing becomes easier. There is evidence that human airway cells are controlled by cannabis oil in terms of genes that are involved in inflammation. CBD, cannabidiolic acid, THC, and tetrahydrocannabinolic acid were all present in the cannabis oil formulation used in this investigation. CBD and THC each had different effects, however, this was not noted in the study. THC has been shown to open up the airways in multiple studies, however, CBD oil includes very little THC.

More study is required before CBD can be used in place of or in addition to taking prescription COPD medications. Typically, you require a therapeutic plan to manage your COPD. Though CBD oil is effective in alleviating some of your conditions, it cannot replace all of the medications you need for COPD. Initial research has been done to see whether CBD would help smokers who are trying to quit. In a small 2013 trial, those who administered CBD finally smoked 40% fewer cigarettes than those who received a placebo.

The Ideal Dosage Of CBD To Treat COPD

To recommend a specific CBD oil brand or dosage for COPD, there is not enough evidence available. Despite CBD oil being frequently thought to be safe, not everybody should use it. The amount of CBD that is present in each dose may be seen on the product label. Because CBD oil is not considered a pharmaceutical, there is no standard dosage for it.

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