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Migraine attacks go beyond the normal headaches that you usually get. It can last to a few hours to a couple of days. If you are at risk of migraine, being around light and noise can amplify the symptoms. The pain medications can only give you temporary relief and these medications may have several side effects.

Some of the recent studies have shown that CBD could be beneficial for migraines as it is very helpful in alleviating pain. Let us see how CBD helps in alleviating migraines.

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How CBD Helps In Pain Management?

Through various studies, we were able to find out how CBD is interacting with our body and helps in alleviating all those health problems. It was found that CBD can interact with the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors present in the endocannabinoid system of your body.

Studies have shown that CBD can prevent the metabolization of anandamide in your body, which is a compound associated with pain management. High levels of anandamide in your body can help in reducing the pain. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties also help in alleviating the inflammatory pain in your body. More studies are essential to fully understand the effects of CBD in pain management and the treatment of other health issues.

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CBD For Migraine

It is important to note that there are only very limited studies that looked into the effects of CBD in the treatment of migraine headaches. The scientists conducted the study in 2 phases. During phase 1, a combination of two compounds was given to 48 people. 19% THC was present in one compound and the other compound had 9% CBD and no THC. The oral administration of 100 mg had no effect and when they increased the dosage to 200 mg, a 55% reduction in pain and other migraine symptoms was observed.

The 2nd phase of the study looked at people suffering from cluster headaches or chronic migraines. A daily dose of 200 mg of CBD-THC combination from phase 1 was given to 79 people with chronic migraines. 48 people with cluster headaches also received the same compound from phase 1. After the three-month study, it was found that the CBD-THC combination helped to reduce the pain intensity by 43.5 % and the migraine attacks by 40.4 %. Therefore, we can infer that a combination of CBD and THC can be more effective in treating migraines than using CBD alone.

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