Jeremy Piven Meets Vito Glazers and Torry Hermann On Stage at Irvine Improv

The Irvine Improv comedy club in California is a second home for comedians. The comedy club has in the past hosted great talents in the US entertainment industry. Last weekend they collaborated with award-winning stand-up comedian Jeremy Piven who had a show on July 15-16. The event, which was sold out, brought together comedians and other artists, including Orange County Influencers Vito Glazers and Torry Hermann.

Vito Glazers and Torry are not new names in the California entertainment scene. The two have been in the industry for quite some time, with their work getting recognition from Hollywood A-listers. Vito and Torry were among the few who had the opportunity to watch Jeremy Piven perform during his recent show at Irvine Improv. They were even invited on stage to meet Jeremy Piven after his set.

The couple said getting to hop on stage with Jeremy Piven was a great opportunity. Glazers and Piven are both from the North suburbs of Chicago, and actually made headlines last time they were in the same room together raising money for the Piven Theater Workshop way back in 2012.  Joyce Piven, Jeremy Piven’s mother, is said to have even given Vito Glazers some of his first acting classes.

Torry Hermann and Vito Glazers are working on different projects and using their talents to spread positivity and redefine the entertainment industry. Their skills have seen them grow their careers, with their work receiving attention from top players in the industry.  Glazers has been leveraging his connections and various skills in front of the cameras and behind the scenes to work his way into Hollywood’s tight knit producer scene, while Torry Hermann has established herself as one of the fastest growing comedians on social media.

Vito Glazers was given producer credits by his long time associate and friend Serena DC on two TV shows on the Emmy ballot last year and is the host and the brains behind the upcoming reality show Uncancelled; a TV show where Vito interviews canceled celebrities, giving them a platform to tell their side of their story. The show is currently in negotiations with several networks.

Vito also has a podcast for influencers and entrepreneurs called “Vito Glazers – After Dark.” Through this podcast, he facilitates the connection between Hollywood celebrities, up-and-coming influencers, and other entrepreneurs as he sits down with some of the prominent names in these fields. Vito has interviewed various business owners and social media influencers, including former Bad Boy Records videographer Nicky Films and Pernilla from Tinder Swindler.

Possibly Orange County’s most recognizable influencer, Torry Hermann has gained worldwide notoriety as a TikTok comedian. Torry has over 1.6 million followers on TikTok, where she posts her skits and other relatable content. She has recently taken her career to the next level and started her own show. Torry has a much anticipated upcoming live show, “Torry Hermann’s One Night Stand-up.”  She also is relaunching her fan favorite New Start Marathon, which is a virtual program she developed to help empower women to gain confidence and be more successful in their relationships.

Jeremy Piven, Vito Glazers, and Torry Herman are all media personalities who use their platforms to spread positivity, humor, thought leadership and even some inspiration. Although the three of them come from different backgrounds and are successful on different platforms, they have proven that everyone can come together around comedy.

Vito Glazers has often mentioned in interviews that his dream when moving to Hollywood was to become an actor, but he was called to building media businesses and producing and supporting the entertainment industry and community. Vito has over 1M followers on Instagram, and he has at least two films likely to make it to streaming this year-one is about boxing, and the other is an investigative journalism piece.

With more than 50 movie roles and winning several Emmys and Golden Globes for his hit television performances, Jeremy Piven has built a name for himself as a stand up comedian and musician, often breaking out his drum set in the middle of his acts.  Glazers went from entrepreneur, to reality television personality, to social media influencer and producer.  Torry Hermann is leveraging her social media fame into live comedy, virtual programs to support women, and maybe even a new television career.

If there is anything to learn from seeing the three of these media personalities cross paths, it is that there is no one way to make it in the entertainment industry.  And maybe Orange County isn’t so boring after all.

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