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CBD is making a slow and steady entrance into many areas of the medical field, and it seems like the miracle compound is here to stay! If any of the claimed healing properties of CBD turn out to be scientifically true, it may find numerous uses in the treatment of conditions ranging from insomnia to cancer.  Here, let us delve into some details regarding the potential of CBD use as part of mental health therapies.

Most Prevalent Mental Health Conditions

An estimated 3.8% of the world population suffer from various kinds of mental health problems including stress, anxiety, depression and resultant insomnia. Anxiety disorder occupies the major chunk of mental health disorders in the global population, making successful treatment options for the condition a priority for the medical research community. Be it social anxiety or general anxiety, those suffering from the conditions often experience debilitating symptoms that severely affect the overall quality of their life.

Stigma Associated With Mental Illnesses

Getting diagnosed correctly is not as easy in the case of mental disorders as it is with physical illnesses. The social stigma associated with mental illnesses often prevent those suffering from the conditions from seeking expert medical care. The cost of mental illness therapy is yet another factor that keeps relief at bay for many patients. Consultation, prescription medication and cognitive behavioral therapies can cost quite a lot and many insurance coverages don’t extend to such conditions.

CBD As An Alternate Therapy

CBD has been found effective in many people suffering from common mental health issues like anxiety and depression. The property of the compound that helps induce a state of calm in the users, is found to be helpful in managing the symptoms associated with many mental disorders and to keep the patient in a general good mood. Studies have shown people suffering from social anxiety benefitting from sufficient doses of CBD taken a few minutes before social engagements that would have been otherwise upsetting to them. CBD use can therefore be considered as a safe and affordable option to help with symptom management in such conditions.

CBD is evolving as a solution that we can rely on for relief from many mental disorder symptoms. However, it is worth mentioning that CBD therapy should never be considered a substitute to the proper diagnosis and treatment plan of any mental health disorder. Instead, it can be considered as an aid to the existing treatment plan and to maintain the general wellbeing of the patient.

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